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Shine Like A Star
by Demetria Bonner

Beautiful as a Rose
by Shanice Brown

Hard Like A Hammer
by Brandon Cash

Smart Like A Bird
by DeShawn Gandy

Sweet Like Candy
by Shayla Gilmore



Soft Like A Pillow
by Passion Jordan

Hot Like Spice!
byDanielle Lashley

Strong Like a Wrestler
by Dominique Massey

Hot Like Hot Tomale Candy
byWillie Mae Maxwell

Sweet Like Chocolate
by Ranisha Parker

Cute Like a Kitten
by Rukyia Parker


Cute As a Puppy
by Tierra Patterson

Hot As the Sun
by Jasmine Slaughter

Hard Like a Steel Pole
by Travis Tyre

Crazy As A Clown
by Mia Westmoreland

Happy As a Song Bird
by Chatorra Williams

Sweet As Candy
by Roshi Winslow

Sparkly as a Diamond
by Sequenthia Bedford

Busy Like a Bee
by Dwayne Griffin

Lovely Like a Friend
by Leon Higgs

Big Like a School Bus
by Leonard Higgs

Smart Like a Scientist
by Tatierria Jamerson

Strong Like a Rhino
by Rumeal Jones




Beautiful as a Rainbow
by Keonna

Great Like a Teacher
by Tanisha Moon

Handsome Like A King
by Tarune Moon

Bright Like a Sun
by Dulissa Montgomery

Brave Like a Snake
by Payton Overstreet

I Am Good Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
by Diancio Parker

I am Good as Gold
by Brian Reed



Happy as a Clown
by Donnell Richmond

Hot as Hot Water
by Chico Rinex

Pretty Like My Teacher
by Charles Robinson

Good As an Angel
by Laporsche Salter

Lovely LIke a Flower
by Tara Spraggins

Fat Like a Cat
by Jean Tucker

Hot Like A Fox
by Robert Turner

Thankful Poem
by Shaquese Betts

Thankful Poem
by Jade Brown

Thankful Poem
by Anthony Collins

I am Thankful Poem
by Nathaniel Hayes


I am Thankful Poem
by Nancy Hinds

I am Thankful Poem
by Justine Jackson

I’m Thankful
by Ashley McKinnie

I’m Thankful
by Dionndra Strong

I am Thankful
by Precious Wallace



The Tale of Two Doves
by Ms. Marrice Coverson

I Wish - A Poem (exercise)

I Am Thankful - A Poem

Wishes for Kayla and Me
A Class Poem by
Mayo School, Spring 1999

My Open Book "2000"
A Book of Poems
by Open Book Particpants
at Williams Elementary School

Where I'm From
U of C 9 a.m. class,
Summer 2001

Where I'm From
U of C 10 a.m. class,
Summer 2001


I Wish - A Class Poem by U of C 9 a.m. class,
Summer 2000

I Am Thankful - A Class Poem by U of C 9 a.m. class, Summer 2000

I Wish - A Class Poem
by U of C 10 a.m. class

I Am Thankful - A Class Poem by U of C 10 a.m. class, Summer 2000

I Wish - A Poem
by Jovan Gathlings

I Wish - APoem
by Micah Bailey



A Journal is a Place

What is The Book of Me?

The Book of Me
by John Perry

My Life
by Antoinette Millender

My Life
by Dianne Wolfe

My Life
by Stephanie Straight

My Story
by Jovan Gathlings

The Book of Me
by Cori Michelle Woods

The Book of Me
by Frantavia Thomas

The Book of Me
by William Lee II

The Book of Me
by Bayoan Ware

The Book of Me
by Brandi Greene

When I Grow Up
by Christine Buckner



Author Interviews


Darwin McBeth Walton
Jan Spivey Gilchris
Glennette Tiley Turner



Kayla's Locket
A Girl Named Anny
Please Join Us
The Cave at Night

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