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PSA by Boys II Men Ambassadors from Williams Prep
PSA Created by Boys II Men at Williams
PSA by Boys II Men Ambassadors from Lawless Gardens.
PSA Created by Boys II Men at Lawless Gardens
Boys II Men perform 50 facts

Performance of
“50 Facts about HIV/AIDS”

Cover of We Declare!
Highlights from the book We Declare!—Freedom from HIV/AIDS





What is Boys II Men?

These web pages were developed by boys, ages 11 to 15, who are members of the Institute for Positive Livings Boys II Men, an after-school mentoring program at Williams Preparatory Academy Middle School & Lawless Gardens. In Boys II Men, a program funded by Illinois Department of Health, young men learn the facts about HIV/AIDS and increased their understanding of what can be done to prevent a disease that is having a profound affect on their generation.

These web pages reflect what they learned about responsibility, consequences and prevention. It is an expression of their feelings and fears and their belief in the possibility of a world without HIV/AIDS.  It is also an expression of the commitment Boys II Men members make to become AMBASSADORS for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Highlights of the 2011 Boys II Men program include a performance entitled, “50 Facts about HIV/AIDS” and two PSA videos on HIV/AIDS. The “50 Facts about HIV/AIDS” performance was made in front of hundreds of youth and parents at an Institute for Positive Living/Open Book Program Author Event in March 2011. The PSAs premiered at on IPL/Open Book Author Event in June 2011 and are being distributed through YouTube, the IPL/Open Book website and the IPL/Open Book email newsletter.

The Boys II Men web pages also feature information and highlights from We Declare!—Freedom from HIV/AIDS, a book created by last year’s Boys II Men participants.

Through Boys II Men activities, young men call on their peers, parents and other adults to live responsibly. They express their concerns and show their compassion. They demonstrate an understanding of how HIV/AIDS’ threatens communities now and will be a continued threat to their future if we are not willing to become each other “keeper.” They point out the consequences of irresponsible behavior and challenge each of us to step up and speak out. 

A Message from Marrice Coverson

In a Institute for Positive Living’s email newsletter, I stated that, “It takes bold action to cure the disease of violence” and called upon government officials, political leaders, faith-based leaders, community leaders, parents and students to join us in our efforts to eradicate violence. HIV/AIDS is another form of violence. It is as much of a threat to our community and especially our youth, as handguns, AK47s and other weapons. HIV/AIDS requires bold action. With these web pages created by the young men from our Boys II Men program, IPL is once again partnering with the Illinois Department of Health to encourage young people to take bold action to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. These young males from the Boys II Men program at Williams Prep Academy Middle School and Lawless Gardens are Ambassadors for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS. The web pages they created are the result of asking bold questions, soul searching and expanding their notion of responsibility to self, their peers and their community. I invite you to click on the web page link above and explore their efforts, efforts that will also help you expand your notion of responsibility to self, their peers and their community.

Marrice Coverson
President, Institute for Positive Living

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